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Top 7 sites to get a psychic reading

As many may have already figured out : Online psychics are becoming a popular item in 2013.  With increased access to broadband connection, cheap webcams and world wide billing becoming the norm, more people can reach out to expert psychics from all around the world instead of relying on boring email readings or searching their local classifieds for a psychic.

Real Psychics talks about the top psychic websites

Finding a gifted psychic isn't likely to happen unless you leave in a major metropolitan area. Using professional services that allow for live connections to clairvoyants from around the world is the next logical choice. They screen all of their applicants and the community of people can really help you find the right person to answer your questions. Their reviews and feedback can tell you a lot about a psychic's profile. They can be exceptionally talented when it comes to Tarot Card and Love Readings, but somewhat lacking in other fields of mysticism.

Our top 7 psychic websites

My name is Derek, I'm an expert on online psychics and here is my list of top websites where you can get free and private psychic readings:

#1 Live Mystics

A Collection of the Best Psychics from All Networks Psychic Network

Live Mystics is basically a network of freelance and affiliated psychics from around the world. Those featured on the front page are the most gifted and popular psychics fromt all networks featured in the next 4 websites. So you can't really go wrong with a site that only serves the cream of the crop. The rates aren't always the cheapest but are well worth the quality of service you will receive if you opt for a private reading.


#2 Psychic Access

A Reputable Psychic Network Psychic Network

They claim to offer the world's most qualified psychics. I tend to agree. They have very affordable rates when it comes to getting a private psychic reading, e-mail reading or any other type of psychic insight. They screen and verify each psychic before allowed to broadcast on the site.


#3 California Psychics

A Well Established Network Psychic Network

California Psychics is a large network. By large, I mean HUGE. They have a very thorough screening process and interview process before accepting a psychic into their network and continually test to re-evaluate their mediums. Their customer base seems quite content with using their network.



A well known network for astrology readings Psychic Network

Obviously the name says it all. specializes in everything related to daily horoscopes, readings and (duh) astrology. This network focuses on making astrology accessible to everyone from beginners to seasoned experts in the field. There are literally thousands of pages of content, free and private readings, daily horoscopes and more.



Talented psychics and a great community Psychic Network

Founded in 1989, they were active in the pre-internet days and have built up an impressive community and recruted some highly sought after psychics.



Expert chat or phone readings

Keen Psychic Network

Keen has a MASSIVE selection of psychics to choose from. They offer live chat and phone readings at a wide range of prices. The main reason why this network isn't in the top 5 is the psychic screening process. Compared to other sites, screening isn't as tight. However, the bad psychics usually get weeded out pretty quickly.



Experts in a variety of subjects

LivePerson Psychic Network

LivePerson is essentially a platform for psychics and other experts to connect with people looking for help. There is barely any screening process, but there is an incredibly huge list of available psychics to help you. Some have over 10 000 private readings in their name. Despite the loose screening process, the community can quickly help you find reputable psychics which can help you with any of your questions.

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